Tale of Biscayne Bay

Ever wondered how the bay got it's name?

Let us tell you the story
of a bay known as Biscayne
and a voyage that resulted
in how it got it's name

A ship began it's voyage
and this is what we know
heading for the new world
several hundred years ago

onboard they carried treasure
but not what you would think
no gold, diamonds or rubys
no, this treasure you can drink

The journey it was long
and the ocean, she was rough
but when they saw land
they thought they’d done enough

The sirens lined the coast
and called the ship to safety
but the sirens can’t be trusted
and the sailors were too hasty

there was a sound heard for miles
as the bow met the rock
and at the bottom of the bay
the ship made its final dock

but always stay the course my friends
for one day someone could be sitting here
reading through your story
enjoying a delicious beer