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El Roble

American Whiskey Aged Scotch Ale

El Roble, meaning “The Oak,” is a single malt, single hop Scotch Ale, or Wee Heavy as it is also known. The beer aged in one time use Stranahan whiskey barrels from Colorado for 4 months. The barrel aging conveys a very familiar whiskey aroma and toffee sweetness.

Buenas Noches

American Whiskey Aged Imperial Stout

Buenas Noches, or “Good Night,” is a phrase used when ending your evening. This beer is the perfect night cap with its robust flavor profile coming from the chocolate and roasted malts. A three month aging in Stranahan Whiskey barrels lends subtle notes of vanilla and oak that are balanced with the hoppy bitterness, resulting in balanced, full bodied Imperial Stout.