Biscayne Bay Brewing Company Spotlight: Taquiza

biscayne bay brewing tequila

One of our favorite Miami spots when we’re in the mood for tacos is Taquiza. Featuring house-nixtamalized cornand hand pressed tortillas, Taquiza has been credited by places like the Miami New Times for leading a nationwide taco revolution.

Taquiza was opened by EatingHouse and Broken Shaker alumni, Steve Santana in 2014 and is tucked snugly underneath the HI Miami Beach Hostel at 1506 Collins Avenue. Their menu is anchored by adeep appreciation for blue masa, sourced responsibly from Masienda, thatcomprises their freshly made corn tortillas.

According to, Santanaleft his web-developer career behind when he met Jeremiah Bullfrog at a dinner at Cobaya. He began helping Bullfrog out in gastroPod, which got him a foot in the door of the Broken Shaker’s kitchen. From there, he went straight to thekitchen of local rebel Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Eating House, where he helmed the lunch shift solo.”

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company isproud to be part of their rotating selection of locally crafted beers that accompany items like the chilaquiles, totopos and guac, lengua (beef tonguetacos), huitlacoche, and barbacoa.

We’re recommending a a taco trio of carnitas, chapulines (that’s grasshoppers for our English speakers), and camaron washed down with a cold Biscayne Bay Brew. Just ask what they’ve got on tap and you can’t go wrong.

Taquiza is open daily forbreakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8am to 12am and extra late on Friday and Saturday until 2am. For more information, visit

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