Core Offerings

Our year round offerings

Litehaus Pilsner


Lite German style Pilsner with soft malt notes, easy hop aromas from Styrian Golding hops and a crisp mouthfeel that keeps you wanting another.

Miami Pale Ale


Brewed in the tradition of a European-style Pale Ale, the Scotch malt foundation lays the groundwork for its unique flavor and character. A heavy dry hopping lends aroma and flavor to this beer, but keeps the bitterness factor low.

La Colada

English Style Porter

Cold brewed Cuban coffee is the star here with its intense aromatics and lasting coffee finish. A mix of chocolate and roasted malts along with lactose sugars give our Porter a unique flavor profile.

Kapitan's Kolsch

Crisp & Light bodied Lager

Crisp and light bodied German style lager continues an easy drinking tradition.

Double Nine IPA

Pilsner, Pale and Wheat

Intense malty foundation built on Scotch malt lending caramel and honey notes. Three different hops add to the bitterness and citrus notes while a heavy dry hopping brings forth hop aromatics.


Pilsner, Pale and Wheat

Our combination of Pilsner, Pale and Wheat malts along with French hops and an authentic Belgian yeast creates a beer with a distinguished taste, a generous bitterness and a nice balance between body and bite. Unfiltered to keep its character intact.